Quotations of famous people

We said about champagne: This is "the wine of kings and king of wines ", but this idiom is also claimed by other wines, such as the Barolo in Piedmont. What nobody disputes however is that champagne, exported in 150 countries worldwide, is the companion and the king of festivities: the "pop" of the cork jumping out acts as a detonator indicating the beginning of the festivities. A civilizing wine, according to the word of Talleyrand, one for the contracts and the treaties. Inspirer of numerous other sparkling wines, it is often imitated but never surpassed.

Marlène Dietrich :
"It gives the feeling that it is Sunday and that the better days are very close"

Alfred Gratien :
"I always thought that the champagne had to be to the wine what the high style (haute couture) is to fashion"

Max Jacob :
"The champagne, if we have time to listen to it, makes the same noise in its foam and its glass that of the sea and the sand"

The Marchioness of POMPADOUR :
"The champagne is the only wine which leaves women beautiful even drunk"

Pierre-Jean Rémy :
: "…and nevertheless, what is champagne? Absolutely nothing. Bubbles with light all around. But what a light! Of a light, light blond... Of an airy, almost musical transparency. Another air (tune)of Mozart, maybe that of Night queen. Where? But in the Magic Flute naturally"

Voltaire had said everything and for a long time :
"Certain cool wines, of which the pressing foam, Of the bottle with blunt force, With brightness makes its cork fly. It leaves, we laugh, it strikes the ceiling. Of this nectar the sparkling foam Of our French is the brilliant image"

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for the health, consume with moderation

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